Monday, December 14, 2009

Flower clips

These are cute little clips for the hair. They look great on babies, kids & adults. Add them to a headband for little ones with out hair. $2.50 each...
all colors available...

Big Gerber daisy's available too... plain for $3... rhinestone and glittered for $5
Every clip comes with non-slip grips.


Here are my newest items... Fun Lanyards!! They are great for teachers and other professionals that have to wear id's. They are also great for frequent visitors at schools. (thats where I got my idea from)

I was volunteering at my daughters school almost every day and was given one of thoes sticker badges to wear around, but working with the kids and crawling around I was always loosing it and by the end of the day it would no longer stick. So I thought when not wear a lanyard but I couldn't find cute ones.

They come in short & long lengths and each has rings and a clip. I have a lot of different ribbon to choose from.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Thank you for checking out TuTu-Lou.

I am a mom of a beautiful little girl that LOVES to play dress up and no dress up chest in complete with out a few tutu's. I currently reside in College Station, TX but I can ship my creations all over the United States.

I make each tutu specially for your little girl. I have a wide range of colors & designs for you to choose from. I have on hand just about every color under the rainbow and more. Sizes run from newborn to Adult.

You can place all order through me at or if you work for CSISD you can reach me at


Newborn - 6/9m - $15
12m - 2T - $20
3T & 4T - $25
5-7 - $30
Any higher sizes please e-mail me

Thank you & I hope you enjoy my work.